We are welcoming travellers to use the parking areas of Vágar Airport. The first 2 hours of parking are free of charge. After this you will be charged according to our daily parking fees. 


The parking fees for Vágar Airport parking area are listed here.


Payment options

Please pay attention that the parking payment machines are non-functional at the moment.

Alternatively, you are welcome to pay your parking at our Information Desk inside the terminal. As another option we offer you to pay via the EaysPark app, as described below.


EasyPark app

This payment option is recommended to frequent travellers using the parking area at Vágar Airport. The EasyPark app is an easy way to automatically handle your parking payments. The EasyPark app is available on App Store and Google Play. EasyPark offers parking services in several European countries, thus you can use the same app for this purpose.

In addition to the regular parking fee, EasyPark charges a 15% service fee (max 19 DKK) per parking.

When signing up for EasyPark, you are asked to accept their terms & conditions and privacy policy, including giving consent for processing personal data as license plate and payment card information. Note that your personal data will be processed within EU. Customers are recommended to read EasyPark’s privacy policy prior to using the app, either in the app or on this link.

EasyPark Denmark is the formal data controller handling your personal data in the app. On the Faroe Islands, EasyPark Denmark is represente by Mr. Kári Davidsen (kda[a]


Map over the Airport's parking areas