At the airport parkingslots are awailable for short- ( up to 1 hr. ) and longterm parking (more than 1 hr.)

Parking for travellers is at P1, P2 and P3. P4 is reserved for carhire and electrical cars.

The rest of the parking-area is for staff only. 

Payments can be process at the payment kiosk inside the terminal. 

Parking is at your own risk.

In case of doubt kindly contact Vagar Airport on

Tel. +298 35 44 00 or
Tel. +298 21 44 78

First hour   Free  
Thereafter per hour begun DKK 20.00 Pr. hour
Day one, up to and inclusive of fifth day DKK 50.00 Pr. day
Sixth day and inclusive of nineteenth day  DKK 35.00 Pr. day
All following days DKK 25.00 Pr. day


Map over the Airport's parking areas