Passenger Rights depend upon there being a boarding rejection, cancellation or long delay situation. The Ordainment provides Rights against the Airline Company, not towards the travel agency/organiser.

Boarding rejection

Passengers may either voluntarily waive their reservation or be rejected against their will:

When voluntarily waiver is involved, the Airline Company shall:

  • Pay economic compensation based upon agreement between the passenger and the Airline Company,

  • Furthermore, the Airline Company shall according to detailed regulations, offer to reimburs the ticket or a reorganisatiion of the flight

When rejection occurs against the passengers will, the Airline Company shall:

  • Offer compensation (see below), and

  • Reimburse the ticket or reorganise the flight according to detaild regulations, and

  • Offer food and refreshments deemed reasonable compared to the involved waiting time, hotel if it becomes necessary to stay overnight, herunder transport to the hotel, telephone calls, telex-, telefax-, or e-mail communications.


When a flight departure is cancelled the Airline Company shall:

  • Offer to reimburse the ticket or reorganise the journey according to detailed regulations,

  • Offer meals, refreshments, etc. (see above), and

  • Offer compensation (see below), unless such cancellation has been notified the passenger in accordance with the in the Ordainment determined time schedules and stipulated terms.


Rights applicable when delays occur depend upon the length of the delay.

In the event there is a delay of:

  • 2 hours or more for a flight distance of 1.500 km or less, or

  • 3 hours or more for a flight distance of 1.500 km within the EU and all other flights between 1.500 km and

  • 3.500 km, or

  • 4 hours ore more for all other flights, the Airline Company must offer meals, refreshments and free of charge telephone calls, telex-, Telefax-, or e-mail communication, hotel residence if deemed necessary and transport between the airport and hotel.

  • If there is a minimum 5 hour delay, the Airline Company must, apart from offering to reimburse the ticket, according to detailed regulations, also offer if relevant, a return flight.

Delays do not entitle compensation, irrespective of the duration of a delay.