Passengers rights

Complaints over boarding rejection, cancellation and long flight delays

EU Ordainment No. 261/2004, determines that flight passengers retain certain rights for boarding rejesction, cancellations and long delays.

Which flights are encompassed?

For a flight to be encompassed by the above Ordainment, it has to:

  • A departure from an EU country, or

  • A departure from a country which is not an EU member, but the destination airport is in an EU country and the transporting Airline Company is an EU Airline Company.

A flight from Denmark, irrespective with which Airline Company, would be encompassed by the Ordainment. Furthermore, a flight from for example Turkey to Denmark with a Danish airline would also be encompassed. However, a flight from Turkey to Denmark with a Turkish airline would not be encompassed.

If one of the above mentioned conditions is met, the Ordainment applies, irrespective if this is a scheduled or chartered flight, herunder also if the flight is part of a package trip.

In which instances do you have rights?

In the event a flight is encompassed by the Ordainment your rights apply in the following instances:

Boarding rejection: e.g. rejection of a passenger/s on a flight where the passenger/s have a confirmed reservation and are present at the check-in as prescribed.

Cancellation: e.g. a scheduled flight that is not executed.

Long delays: e.g. delays of a minimum of two hours and more.

The rights you are entitled to in each separate instance, are set forth in detail in the Ordainment, and are described in short under the heading: Rights.

Instances where the Ordainment does not apply

Luggage delays, damage to luggage and or passenger injury.

Legislative compensation rights deriving from the contract between pasenger and the Airline Company, hereunder consequential damage (for example loss of earnings).

Circumstances regarding hotel stays and other tourist services. This implies that DCAA cannot deal with complaints referring to such circumstances.