A new EU-regulation contains a harmonised list of objects, which may not be carried to the security-protected area of an Airport or onboard aircraft. The list also contains a list of objects, which may not be included in luggage due to be checked-in.

The regulation furthermore stipulates that passengers both before, and during check-in must be advised on which objects it is prohibited to carry.

The draft regulation is based upon recommendations from ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Security personnel at an Airport may, at any time, refuse objects if these objects provide reason for concern.

The common joint EU standards for forbidden objects, for among other things hand baggage

On the 15th of January 2004, the EU Commission publicly announced a change to the statutory Ordainment No. 622/2003, regarding the Ordainment to ensure basic common joint standards for Air Safety (Ordainment No. 68/2004 from the 15. January 2004).

How much can I carry?

Due to air security considerations, a pre-fixed limit on how much check-in luggage can weigh has been determined. This is due to, among other aspects, that it is important for the flight crew to know exactly the total weight of the plane, including fuel, baggage, passengers, etc. to calculate the take-off. Please contact your Travel Bureau or Airline Company to ascertain the applicable figures for handbaggage and check-in luggage.