For handling, please contact Atlantic Airways Handling

Atlantic Airways Handling:
+298 341000 

Email: station@atlantic.fo

For only fuel and GPU please contact Vagar Airport on: +298 78 44 78

Request for opening of Vagar Airport outside published openinghours

Please note that handling is mandatory for aircrafts with
MTOW greater than 5700 kg or more than 10 seats (ambulance-
flights not included) 

Accommodation on Vagar and Tórshavn

Hotel Vagar (0.5 km)                    http://hotelvagar.fo/

Hotel Streym (45 km)                   http://www.hotelstreym.com/

Hotel Tórshavn (45 km)                http://hoteltorshavn.fo/

Hotel Føroyar (45 km)                  http://www.hotelforoyar.com/

Hotel Hafnia (45 km)                    http://www.hafnia.fo

62N Hotel (45 km)                       https://www.62n.fo/