If you have an especially demanding handicap requiring particular consideration, and thereby require special assistance at the airport or onboard, please make this quite clear when booking your flight.

This is applicable if you:

  • Require assistance to or from the aircraft,

  • Require help to board the aircraft,

  • Use a wheelchair

  • Require the use of an oxygen bottle onboard the aircraft,

  • Use a guide-dog, or

  • Have reduced sight or hearing disability

Not all airline Companies can transport electric wheelchairs, so please inquire when booking your ticket.

In connection with planning a flight journey, it is also important to plan arriving at the airport well in advance.

Adjacent to the main terminal entrance, two parking lots have been reserved for handicapped people with short term business in the terminal.

For all other business, please access the long-term parking lot.

In the terminal there is a toilet facility for handicapped and a wheelchair is also available in the terminal.