If you have booked assistance at the airport, are in a wheelchair, use a rollator or are otherwise impaired, it is important you arrive at the check-in desk well in advance.

If you have requested assistance when booking the flight, airline personnel will assist with check-in and luggage expedition.

Airline personnel may also assist through security control and aout to the aircraft - either by wheelchair or by a battery powered vehicle.

If you as a passenger require assistant, this is available to the flight departure gate. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Airline Company.

Electrically operated wheelchairs are not allowed inthe to aircraft's cabin and must therefore be checked-in as baggage or cargo. In many airports, free wheelchairs are available to take you onboard. The Airline Company will advise you on any special regulations applicable to wet- or dry-battery operated wheelchairs.

If a wheelchair is collapsible, it is normally permitted to be used to the flight departure gate.