Before travelling

Is your destination safe?

Foreign Offices and embassies continually issue guidelines via their homepage.

Travel guidelines contain advice and information on countries and areas, which are subjected to special risks due to war, terrorist threats, civil unrest, natural catastrophes, criminality and similar risks.

Travel Insurance

Travel abroad without sufficient Insurance cover may become a costly affair. Therefore, remember to take out a Travel Insurance policy and ensure the cover is adequate.

Also be advised to contact your own Travel Insurance Company before travelling.

Arrive in good time

When travelling by air, it is sensible to be at the Check-in desk well in advance. Always adhere to the scheduled times stipulated on travel documents

Is compensation due, when the check-in time takes so long that ones flight is missed?

No, says The Travel-Board of Appeal in a concrete case, where a family missed their flight from Paris, due to a long queue at the check-in desk. Therefore, they were obliged to pay for their stay at an hotel and catering out of their own pocket. It is the responsibility of each individual passenger to be at the check-in desk in adequate time to be checked in, even in the event of a long queue at the check-in desk.