At the gate

Before you board

Go to the departure hall well in advance. Many flights delays are due to passengers arriving at the last minute. In the event an aircraft cannot meet its allotted departure time-slot, this may inwoke additional delays if the airport is busy.

At the departure hall there is a big taxfree area, resturant and bar. Furthermore there are resting-areas and availability to charge mobile-phones and laptops.

From time to time you will be requested to show your Passport before passing through the Gate, so please have your Passport and ticket ready.

The Faroes Islands are part of the so-called Schengen-cooperation Convention. This implies the lifting of border control for citizens of those countries, which have ratified the Schengen-Convention.

Although the border control of citizens has been abolished, you are required to be able to prove your Citizenship, when residing in a Schengen country. This implies that you should always carry your Passport with you when travelling abroad.