Privacy policy – Vága Floghavn

Latest update: 7th December 2020

In this Privacy Policy we describe how Vága Floghavn P/F (FAE) processes your personal data. The Policy supplements, but does not substitute, any other policies or terms and conditions laid down with respect to the use of individual services provided by FAE.

As part of our day-to-day business, we gather and process information about you (personal data). We take all necessary precautions to protect your personal data according to existing legislation.


Data controller

Your personal data are processed by Vága Floghavn P/F, 380 Sørvágur, Faroe Islands, as data controller.

If you have any questions or other queries about our processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail:


We collect your personal data in various ways.

Most often we collect the data directly from yourself. In other cases we receive data about you from other parties. This can be information from public authorities, such as the tax authorities, or the national register.

You always have the right to know from where we collect your personal data.

Transfer of personal data

In some cases we transfer your personal data. This might be to public authorities, advisors, auditors, legal counsel etc.

In some instances we might engage data processors, that assist us in processing your data in a safe manner. This might include storage of personal data, or if we are being assisted by external counsel for certain procedures.

The information we collect will preferably and whenever possible be processed and stored within the European Economic Area ("EEA"). However, in certain situations, information is processed in third countries outside the EEA. For transfers to third countries, which are considered unsafe, we have taken adequate measures, for example by ensuring that the recipient is bound by EU model clauses, in order to protect personal data.

Your rights

If FAE is processing your personal data you have certain rights.


Withdrawal of consent

If processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you withdraw your consent, we will stop the processing of your personal data that was based on consent.

Please note, that withdrawal of consent, might make it impossible for us to deliver certain services to you.

Request for deletion

You have the right to request deletion of your data which is being processed by FAE. The right is not unconditional, as certain information cannot be deleted due to certain legislation, or if a contract or other certain purpose gives us the right to retain and process the personal data.

Request for access

You have the right to request access to the personal data concerning you which we are processing. However, the right to access requires that FAE can identify data as linked to you. In certain processes we process data, where data in itself cannot be linked to individuals without additional information provided by the specific individual.

We ask you to provide specific reasons for your interest in access to the processed data.

Objection to processing

You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to have the processing of your personal data restricted. If your objection is warranted, the personal data must not be processed. However, the personal data might be lawful to process under other legitimate purposes.


You have the right to request for rectification of your personal data, if you believe that the processed data is not correct.


You have the right to complain about our processing of your personal data. Please do so via e-mail:

If you are not satisfied with the way we process your personal data, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Faroese Data Protection Agency.

Data portability

You have the right to receive the personal data you have provided in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format (data portability).

Specific processing

Below you can find information about specfic processing at FAE.



FAE collects data on you in connection with your use of FAE’s parking facilities.

The below information is a supplement to the general terms and conditions applicable to FAE Parking, which are available here.

 The personal data processed in FAE Parking are the following:

  • Licence plate (picture of vehicle that includes the licence plate)
  • Arrival and departure time of vehicle (the time period)
  • Cost of parking
  • Credit card information (only the last four digits of your credit card number)
  • If required, name and address of vehicle owner will be collected from the vehicle registry at Akstovan (see below)



The purpose of processing data is to perform/manage your agreement on/purchase of parking at FAE and for statistical purposes.

Basis of processing

If you choose to park for more than 2 hours at FAE Parking, you must pay for parking in accordance with the current price list. Data processed in connection with the payment of parking is processed on the basis of, that such data is necessary for the conclusion and performance of the agreement with you on purchase of parking at FAE.

If payment is not made within 72 hours after ended parking, FAE must charge the amount forward and will collect the necessary information from the vehicle registry at Akstovan. In such instances FAE has a legitimate purpose to collect and process the information from the vehicle registry at Akstovan. FAE will charge a late fee in addition to the parking fee.


FAE will only disclose the information to the supplier of the parking system.


Collected information that can be linked to the vehicle, i.e. licence plate and picture, is stored until the parking is paid. The images taken in connection with parking, will be deleted no later than 30 days after the parking is paid.

Data required under the rules of the Bookkeeping Act will be stored for 5 years plus current year.

Information for statistical purposes that cannot be linked to a specific vehicle or person, will be deleted after 3 years.

Cookies and WiFi

FAE collects and uses information about you when you use FAE’s website and wireless internet. When doing so, FAE can store cookies on your device (computer, tablet, mobile device or other terminal equipment).

You can read our cookie policy here.


The following data are collected and processed:

  • Information transmitted by your device when you visit our website or use our services
  • Information about your:
    • Device ID (IP and MAC address), referral URL, duration of visit and geographic location and
    • Information about your use of our website and services. Such information is also collected via cookies.



The purpose of collecting data in connection with use of our website and services, is to improve our website and the use of the site, and for statistical purposes.

Basis of processing

Personal data processed in connection with your use of our website and wireless internet are processed on the basis of that processing is necessary for the purposes of the following legitimate interests pursued by FAE:

  1. improvement of website, statistics and necessary functionality,
  2. ensuring that only travellers use our wireless network,
  • ensuring that our wireless network is not used for download of illegal content or is otherwise used in contravention of Faroese law.


Relevant personal data are disclosed to suppliers with whom we collaborate, including suppliers of technical support and operation of our services.


Data collected in connection with your use of our wireless network will be anonymised on an ongoing basis and erased within 12 months of collection.

Cookies expire in accordance with our Cookie Policy, read more here.

Restriction of your rights

Access to processed data for the purposes stated above, requires that you provide us with additional information that will enable us to identify you: (i) information given at log-in, (ii) IP/MAC address; and (iii) date and approx. time for use of wireless network. FAE does not process information about your first and last name, and therefore FAE cannot identify you from the registered data.


As a user of FAE you are, of course, welcome to contact us with inquiries, complaints or other matters.


Personal data processed may be the following:

  • Name, address, e-mail address and telephone no.
  • Any information you provide that is necessary for us to handle your inquiry



The purpose of processing data is for us to be able to help you and handle your inquiry.

Basis of processing

The data are processed on the basis of the legitimate interests pursued by FAE are to assist you by answering your inquiry.

In case of complaints or claims for damages, which may contain sensitive information including e.g. health information, data are processed for the establishment or defence of legal claims.


To the extent that FAE is required to do so, relevant data may be disclosed to relevant public authorities. Further FAE may, if relevant, disclose information to external advisers, including lawyers.


Data processed by FAE when answering inquiries are erased within 24 months of the case being closed by FAE.

Security, monitoring and baggage

There are many security requirements imposed on FAE, and in order to comply with these requirements, FAE processes various data about you when you use and move around FAE.

The personal data processed in the various functions are the following:

  • Scanning of boarding cards in connection with security checks
  • CCTV monitoring of the airport areas
  • Screening of baggage



The data are processed for the purposes of complying with the requirements of security, validating passengers through boarding cards, and statistics on the users of FAE.

In order to comply with these obligations, FAE uses CCTV monitoring within FAE’s area. Moreover, FAE processes data in connection with screening of baggage.

Basis of processing

FAE is subject to a wide number of legal requirements concerning the arrangement of security measures at FAE. Accordingly, FAE’s basis of processing of personal data is necessary to comply with FAE’s legal obligations.


In special circumstances, FAE may share relevant data with the authorities, as required. In exceptional circumstances, data may be disclosed to private third parties, such as insurance companies, in connection with the settlement of disputes. In such situations, we only disclose data about the specific individual concerned.


Data from boarding card validation are erased after three months.

CCTV footage filmed within FAE’s area is subject to the requirements under the relevant legislation regarding storage of such footage. Footage is erased within 30 days. In special circumstances and relating to specific cases, such data may be stored for a longer period.

Images of scanned baggage are kept in a limited time period, which by security reasons is confidential.


Restriction of your rights

In relation to CCTV recordings within FAE’s area and images of scanned baggage, your rights may be restricted due to:

  • public security reasons in FAE
  • the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences
  • the safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to public security in FAE

We ask you to provide specific reasons for your interest in access to the CCTV recording or images of scanned baggage, for example if (parts) of the recordings should show information of particular interest to you, e.g. an accident involving personal injury.

Access to processed data in connection with scanned boarding cards requires that you provide us with additional information that will enable us to identify you: (i) date and approx. time for scanning boarding card, (ii) booking number and (iii) your initials. FAE only processes information from the boarding card as well as the date and time, but not your first and last name, and therefore cannot identify you from the registered data.


The airport houses a wide number of independent operators, including airlines, car rental agencies, Visit Vágar, and shops. FAE is not responsible for processing of personal data by these independent operators. FAE is not in charge of check-in and boarding at Vágar Airport.