Wind damage at the Airport

In gusts wind speeds reached 49 m/sec.

There have been very high winds during the morning. In gusts the wind reached hurricane strength.

At 09.50 hours a particularly strong gust hit and some material damage was sustained.

This gust was measured to 49 m/sec. Personnel who were in the process of readying aircraft were lifted off their feet and others had to cling-on for their dear lives.

A airport vehicle standing on the runway was hit by the gust and toppled on to its side. A window pane in one of the cargo offices was shattered and created some material damage. Fortunately, nobody was in the office when this happened.

In the garage, where the larger vehicles and snow-clearing equipment is kept, the large gates were somewhat dented and several windows were also shattered. The gates are constructed to withstand wind speeds of 60 m/sec.

In the tower the situation was quite critical and the duty officer has never previously experienced a similar situation. At one moment the abandonment of the tower was considered, as it was estimated to be unsafe to continue to be in the tower.

Two aircraft were located on the apron and although the situation was critical, they withstood the wind.

Pictures of the wind damages.