The official public start of the extension project of the airport runway will be on Thursday the 6th of May 2010.

An event will be organised at the eastern end of the runway, where the Government Cabinet Minister, Mr Johan Dahl, will detonate the first dynamite blast, signalling the official start of the project. Afterwards there will be a reception in the airport terminal.

The event agenda is as follows:

· 13.30: All attendee’s are requested to meet at the industrial area above the airport. Bus transportation will be organised to the eastern end of the runway.

· 14.15 (approximate time): Attendee’s will be welcomed on-site.

· 14.30 (approximate time): The Government Minister, Mr Johan Dahl will detonate the first dynamite blast along the runway.

· Bus transportation back to the terminal.

· 15. 00 – 16.00 Reception at the terminal.

For practical reasons, attendee’s are prohibited from driving privately to the on-site work place at the eastern end of the runway, which is why bus transportation has been organised. Busses will depart from the Sørvágs Municipal industrial site above the airport.

The event is open to the general public.