Tender for consultancy

Consultancy in conjunction with the extension of the start- and takeoff runway

Vagar Airport has drafted tender material, which encompasses a project proposal, a preliminary project, a detailed project as well as construction leadership and professional controls in connection with the extension of the start- and takeoff runway.

Received tenders will be evaluated in two instances. First, according to basic demands, which encompass a professional, technical and financial basis of those who submit tenders. The tenders of those who satisfy the basic demands, will thereafter be evaluated according to what is deemed the best solution for the project entrepreneur according to the following:

- Quality of consultancy and the satisfaction of demands in general
- Time schedule
- Cost

Tender material will only be available in computerised form, and may be requisitioned by turning to: P/F Vagar Airport, Fo-380 Sørvágur, e-mail: drh@floghavn.fo

Tenders must be submitted before the 11/5-2009 at 12.00 noon to:

P/F Vága Floghavn
Fo-380 Sørvágur