Reorganisation of the parking lot at Vagar Airport

Changes are now due for the parking facilities at the terminal

In order to improve traffic at the terminal, a reorganisation of the parking lot is now underway at the airport. The conditions governing bus- taxi- and private cars has been rather cramped, and it has not been very clear where the long-term parking lot is. Improvements are now underway.

The area directly in front of the terminal will be reserved busses, taxies and the on- offloading of private vehicles and short-term parking, e.g. under 30 minutes.

The remainder of the parking lot will be cordoned off, but with designated entry and exit areas. Vehicles will be allowed to long- and short-term park. There will be a one hour free parking allowance, thereafter a fee will be imposed according to the amount to time a vehicle has been parked. Payments will be collected at a booth located at the eastern terminal entry gate.

Work will commence on Monday the 22nd of June 2009, and will be undertaken by J&K Petersen Contractors. Over the next five weeks, while the work is ongoing, traffic and parking will be adjusted according to progress.

Unfortunately inconveniences cannot be totally avoided and therefore we request the help, patience and assistance of both the passengers and the labour-force to minimise any inconveniences incurred.

Vaga Vaktarhald is responsible for the guiding of passengers and information will be available at the Vagar Airport webpage www.floghavn.fo, while the work is underway

Map over approach and parking areas at Vagar Airport (151 KB)