Rare guest

On the 22nd of September an aircraft of the type Antonov 2 landed at Vagar airport.

The aircraft, which is registered in Lithuania, arrived from Aaborg in Denmark and landed at Vagar at 14.20. The aircraft has recently been renovated, and to such a degree that it looked almost brand new, although it was built in 1977.

The Antonov 2 was produced in the Ukraine and in Poland and is powered by one 1000 hp motor. It is 12,4 metres long and has a wingspan of 18,18 metres. It can seat upto 12 people and has a march speed of app. 258 km/hr. It is still used in several countries for passenger transport.

On Sunday the 24th. it continued on its itinerary to Reykjavik in Iceland and from there to Kulusuk and Narssarssuaq in Greenland before going on to Canada.

Photographs of the aircraft can be accessed at the photo library:


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