Passenger numbers decreased in 2010 by 1,8%

Passenger numbers decreased in 2010 by 1,8%

199.988 passengers through Vagar Airport in 2010

In 2010, 199.988 passengers came through Vagar Airport. This is 1,8% less compared to the previous year, when the corresponding figure was 203.662.

This decrease has mainly been recorded on the routes between the Faroes and Denmark.
On routes to Norway an increase of 53,6% was recorded, to Iceland 0,9% and to Great Britain a 10,6% increase was recorded.
In connection with the offshore activity generated in Faroe waters this year, this aviation activity represents 2,1% of the overall passenger numbers recorded.

In 2010 there were 19 so-called “large scale” travel days “Large scale” travel days are days with excess of 1000 passengers arriving and departing through the airport. For 2008 and 2009 there were 29 and 20 “special days” respectively.

For 2010 a total of 4.935 aircraft have come and gone through the airport. This is 1,3% more than the year before. Again it is the offshore industry making an impact, as 5,6% of the total arrivals and departures are attributed to activities between the airport and the exploration platform.

For December of last year, a total of 11.860 passengers came through the airport. This is 6,8% less compared to December the year before. Fewer passengers were recorded on the routes to Denmark for December, compared to the corresponding month of the year before.

A total of 295 aircraft arrived and departed over December of last year. This is 19% less compared to the same month the previous year, when 364 aircraft arrived and departed through the airport.
There were fewer departures and arrivals recorded on routes to Denmark, Iceland and Great Britain. On routes to Norway however, there were more departures and arrivals recorded for December of last year.

For 2010, a total of 612,7 tons of airfreight was airlifted through the airport, whereof 270 tons was airmail. This is a decrease of 12,4%.

Detailed statistical information is accessible at the Vagar Airport webpage