Parking attendants 26-02-2010

Over a considerable period, access to the terminal at Vagar Airport has at times been difficult. This has been caused by vehicles left parked outside of the areas designed for parking. In particular it has been difficult for busses to access the drop-off and pick-up area for passengers.

In conjunction with the police, P/F Vagar Airport has decided to improve these conditions. In this connection a new barrier system was implemented for the long-term parking lot last autumn.

The next step will see the light of day on Monday the 1st of March 2010, when a system with parking attendants will become operational at Vagar Airport. This means that from this day parking fines will be issued for irregular parking on the area adjacent to the terminal for Vagar Airport. The parking attendants will also assist people to park correctly.

In the area designated for short-term parking, parking will be permitted for thirty minutes. This is of course free of charge. It is possible to park free of charge for up to one hour within the barrier restricted area. For each begun hour thereafter the charge is D.kr 20.- however with a maximum of D.kr 50.- per day. Parking can be paid for, either with a credit card or with coins, at the automat located in the terminal.