Licitation of new terminal and service buildings

Licitation of new terminal and service buildings

The work to construct a new terminal and associated service buildings at the airport was offered for tender on the 22.06.2012. The licitation procedure was held today. Five preapproved companies were given the opportunity to tender for the main enterprise and the result is as follows:

Articon                                Kr. 125.640.096,00
Búsetur                               Kr. 157.751.306,00
E. Phil & Søn Føroyar            Kr. 160.895.014,00
J&K Petersen                       Kr. 153.328.694,00
TG-Verk                              Kr. 142.791.695,02

The project estimate was: DKK 102.000.000,00

Vagar Airport will in the immediate future, together with their consultants, survey the tenders in detail in order to open negotiations regarding a project contract. The intention is to commence the project as soon as a contract has been finally negotiated.

Einar Brimnes looking at the tenders.

Representative of Articon