Information regarding Faroe domestic conditions and on airports necessary

It is perfectly understandable that the consultancy industry is experiencing difficulties now that building/ construction activities have decreased and when several large consultancy tasks here are much influenced by foreign consultants.

P/F Vagar Airport is confident that Faroe consultants will access an important role in connection with the detailing plan for the expansion of the terminal and auxiliary service buildings at Vagar Airport.

According to the media news reporting, one may be given the impression that Vagar Airport has not taken these conditions into consideration, when companies were requested to prequalify for the detailing of the expansion project.

In order to ensure the expansion of Vagar Airport is successful, it goes without saying that consultants must be familiar with Faroese domestic terms and conditions and also that they are familiar with conditions governing airports, as it is exactly these conditions consultants must advise on. In addition, consultants must employ satisfactory quality control procedures, be financially reliable and secure.

Vagar Airport would very much like to stress the importance of familiarity regarding Faroe domestic terms and conditions and has therefore updated its prequalification material, whereby the demand regarding familiarity of Faroese terms and conditions has been detailed.

However, similar to so many other large-scale construction projects, cooperation is necessary between several consultancies, each harbouring a specialised field of knowledge, in order to deliver the service Vagar Airport desires. Elsewhere one has seen how consultancy firms have joined forces to enable the delivering of specialised advice within several areas. Faroe companies are relatively small, but through their intimate knowledge on Faroese terms and conditions command a special status, which works in their favour, also their experience within cooperating with other companies.

Therefore, we are reasonably reassured that Faroe consultancy companies will seek cooperation with companies, which have the required specialised knowledge on airports and thereby can become a partner in Vagar Airport’s invitation for prequalification.