Information from Vagar Airport regarding Corona

Information from Vagar Airport regarding Corona

(Last update: 7. July 2020)


From 27 June all travellers are required to test for COVID-19 upon arrival at Vagar Airport. This requirement is valid for all travellers including faroe islanders residing in the Faroe Islands and people travelling on work permits. Children younger than 12 are excempt from testing. 


Everyone coming to the Faroe Islands should self-quarantine until they have received the result of the test they must take upon arrival. The home quarantine can take place at your prebooked residence, vacation rental, hotel etc. Travellers are responsible for their own home quarantine. The results are usually ready on the same evening or the following midday at the latest.

It is of utmost importance that all travellers to the Faroe Islands take appropriate precautions while travelling. We encourage all travellers to keep themselves updated about the latest travel guidelines from the Faroese authorities on the official webpage of the Faroese authorities regarding Corona/Covid-19.




Mandatory use of face masks (valid from 15. June 2020)

  • Travellers are required to wear a face mask at all times in the airport
  • Travellers that don’t bring their own mask, can buy them at the Information Desk just inside the departure Terminal building
  • The face mask should cover both nose and mouth, and comply with EN 14683:2014 standards or similar
  • Notice that your airline company also will require you to wear a mask during the flight, as well as boarding and deboarding.
  • Children under the age of 6 and people with valid health causes are not obliged to wear face mask
  • Follow instructions from producer and health authorities regarding correct usage and disposal of your mask 


  • Access only for travellers and terminal staff in the Terminal building. People related to travellers are kindly asked to stay outside the Terminal building or in the parking areas. 


  • Taxi drivers, bus drivers and others transporting/following travellers to and from the airport are kindly asked to stay outdoor the Terminal building.


  • People travelling to the Faroe Islands are imposed – prior to their departure - to arrange their own transport from Vagar Airport terminal to their destination in the Faroe Islands, either by taxi, bus or other private transportation means.


  • People departing from Vagar Airport are only allowed to bring 1 pcs hand luggage + 1 pcs laptop bag at a maximum weight of 8 kg onboard the aircraft. All other luggage needs to be checked in. Please check with your airline company as rules can deviate.


  • The COVID19 virus spreads easily in large groups. It can be transmitted through hand contact, coughing and sneezing. Travellers are asked to take responsibility for both themselves and others by following the advice below on personal hygiene and maintaining a physical distance from others.
    • Wash your hands well and frequently with soap and water
    • Frequently disinfect your hands
    • Cough or sneeze into your arm – not your hands
    • If you use a tissue, discard it immediately and wash your hands again
    • Avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugging and kissing
    • Remember to maintain a physical distance from others (min. 1 meter)
    • If you feel unwell or have symptoms of virus, do not enter the airport and seek medical attention


  • Travellers are recommended to keep themselves updated regarding travel guidelines from the Faroese authorities on:


  • Travellers with Atlantic Airways or SAS are recommended to regularly check their webpages for updated travelling information.