Increases to the user service charges at Vagar Airport, is estimated to cost Atlantic Airways Dkk. 5 for each passenger ticket in 2010

It has been maintained lately, that the changes Vagar Airport has made to the service charges, is one of the main reasons for the loss sustained by Atlantic Airways in 2009.

The fact is, that the aforementioned increases did not come into force until the 1st. of January 2010, and therefore had no bearing upon the annual result achieved by Atlantic Airways in 2009. For 2010 we are talking about an increase of Dkk 5 per ticket, if we base our calculations on 200.000 passengers flying annually. This will therefore affect the Atlantic Airways bottom line result by Dkk. 1,0 million for 2010.

The charge, which passengers pay for services rendered at the airport, has increased from the 1st. of November 2009 by Dkk. 35 per departing passenger from the Faroes, and by an additional Dkk. 10 from the 1st of January 2010, but this has no bearing upon the result of operations for Atlantic Airways.

In relation to the sale of tax-free articles, Atlantic Airways pays a fixed normal rent for the premises. The company won the tender to organise the sale of tax-free articles in competition with other interested parties, and of course are also entitled to the profit of this operation. Simultaneously as the sale of tax-free articles was relocated to the terminal, Atlantic Airways has reduced the number of aircrew enabling additional passenger seating. Another natural consequence for Atlantic Airways is that the aircraft is lighter and therefore less fuel is consumed.