High passenger growth at Faroe Islands airport

High passenger growth at Faroe Islands airport

FIGURES released today show a growth of 9, 8 per cent passenger growth at the Faroe Islands airport, Vagar Airport. From January till October 2014, some 200,314 travelled used Vagar Airport. From January till October 2015, the number of passengers has increased to 219,918 passengers.

In September, some 23,334 passengers traveled to and from Vagar Airport. The airport expects that the total number of passengers will total some 270,000 passengers in 2015.

“With the new terminal and other improvement, the financial foundation of the airports has been strengthened. Especially the new Duty Free store has now become a considerable source of revenue”, says the CEO of Vagar Airport, Jákup Sverri Kass.

The strengthened revenue base has enabled the airport to reduce the passenger service fee from 185DKK to 165DKK. Furthermore Vagar Airport has given Atlantic Airways big incentives to their new routes to Edinburgh, Mallorca and Barcelona. Furthermore, Vagar Airport, has given a special incentive to boost the higher number of departures and arrivals to and from Bergen and Reykjavik.

Vagar Airport has a good cooperation with Atlantic Airways and wants to encourage more direct routes between the Faroe Islands and Europe. Work to attract new operators to enter the Faroese marked continues.

“Based on the success of the new routes to and from Europe, Vagar Airport argues that there is big potential for other operators to make an successful entry on the Faroese marked”, says the CEO.