Faroe Government to take over Vagar Airport

At a meeting in Denmark on the 27th. of June 2006, the Danish PM Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Faroe PM Mr Jóannes Eidesgaard have issued a joint communiqué stating the taking over of the airport

The communiqué states, among other things, that the Danish part of the airport will be transferred to Faroe authorities to administer and operate. This is in full accordance with the legislation governing issues and issue areas, which permits the Faroe authorities to take over these issues and areas.

The communiqué also states that the Faroe government has decided to lengthen the existing runway by 350 metres to 1.600 metres and to expand the airport terminal by another app. 5.700 sq. metres.

The updating of the airport is likely to be financed by a reduction of government equity in the investment fund.