Continued growth at Faroe Islands airport

Continued growth at Faroe Islands airport

Passenger-growth at Vagar Airport continues at passenger-figures for January is announced. A total of 15,598 passengers passed through the terminal at Vagar, which is a rise of some 8.5 per cent compared to January 2013.

Growth on all routes

There are now four all year routes to and from the Faroe Islands. The biggest of which is Copenhagen, followed by Billund, Bergen and Reykjavik. The passenger-figures between the Faroe Islands rose by some 3 per cent, while Reykjavik was up by some 46 per cent and Bergen was up by a staggering 80 per cent.

Exiting year for Vagar as passenger-figures continue to rise

Building on the growth in January, Vagar Airport expects that 2014 will be a very exciting year for the airport and the Faroese tourism-industry.

“Statoil has announces two consecutive drilling-projects expected to start in April, this will definitely produce growth at our airport”, says Jákup Sverri Kass, CEO at Vagar Airport.

He continues:” In 2013 the marketing-funds for Visit Faroe Islands was doubled and Visit Faroe Islands launched a new strategy and a new brand for the Faroe Islands in 2014. We expect to see the first results of that here in 2014”, he adds.

Vagar Airport expects that the new terminal and service-buildings will be finished by May; ready for the upcoming summer-season.

Trying to attract new operators and new traffic

Vagar Airport is very keen to attract more traffic and attract more operators to have a closer look at the Faroe Islands.

“The Faroe Islands are still very much a high yield market and Vagar Airport is always ready to discuss all possibilities that can result in more traffic to and from the islands. All approaches will be handled very discretely”, says Kass.