Annual General Meeting at P/F Vagar Airport

Annual General Meeting at P/F Vagar Airport

P/F Vagar Airport held its annual general meeting today.
Over 2010, P/F Vagar Airport made a profit of Dkk 1 million. In 2009, P/F Vagar Airport made a profit of Dkk 70.000.-, compared to a loss in 2008 of Dkk 11.1 million.
Therefore the company is making progress towards creating a stable framework for the operation of the airport. The result for 2010 however, was not as good as anticipated, due to a fall in passenger numbers and the Iceland ash problem, which cost the company considerable amounts of money. The company however has been steadily engaged in cost-cutting through 2010.
Large challenges lie ahead for P/F Vagar Airport.
Regarding the extension of the runway, this work will be completed in November of 2011. The work to asphalt- and install the runway lighting is just about to commence.
In 2011, P/F Vagar Airport will work continuously to market P/F Vagar Airport. The company intends to increase air traffic to the Faroes considerably, as the option to utilise larger aircraft presents itself.
On the Board of Directors for P/F Vagar Airport are:
Mrs Kitty May Ellefsen, chairman
Mr Bárður Nielsen, deputy chairman
Mrs Evy Jacobsen, Boardmember
Mr Johan í Niðristovu, Boardmember
Mr Jørgen K. Jørgensen

Kitty May Ellefsen, tel. nr. 556090
Dávid Reinert Hansen, tel. nr. 221634