2% fewer passengers over August

ncrease in passenger numbers not being sustained

Over August of this year, a total of 24.962 passengers have arrived or departed through the airport. This is a decrease of 2,3% compared to the same month last year, when a total of 25.553 passengers used the airport. Part of the explanation for this is that there was a certain degree of offshore activity over August of last year.

To date, a total of 154.536 passengers have come through the airport. This represents an increase of 5,2% compared to the corresponding period last year, when the figure stood at 146.942.

Since mid-April, when the total increase in passenger numbers was close to 18%, a decline has set in and the previously recorded growth has dwindled to only 5,2% to date.

Over August, 560 flight arrival and departure operations have been recorded. This is 31,7% less than August of last year, when 820 flight operations were recorded through the airport. A substantial part of this discrepancy is attributable to offshore helicopter operations, which occurred in August of last year.

To date this year, a total of 3.782 aircraft have arrived and departed over the airport. This is 16,8% less compared to the same period last year, when 4.543 aircraft arrived and departed through the airport.