Vagar Airport Ltd is responsible for conducting all operational activities at Vagar Airport, the Faroe Islands’ only airport.

Vagar Airport was originally a military installation, built during World War II. In the early 1960s the need and popular demand in the Faroe Islands for civil aviation grew to the point of making a modernisation of the runway a necessity to facilitate passenger traffic.

Vagar Airport became operational for civil aviation in 1963. During the early years only propeller aircraft operated. Since 1977 jet aircraft too have serviced the routes to the airport. The Danish Civil Aviation Administration administered Vagar Airport from 1963 to April 2007. Since 2007, Vagar Airport has been under Faroese control.

In December 2011, the runway was extended from 1250 meters to 1799 meters. In 2012, runway 30 was classified as a CAT 1 runway. RNP AR 0.1, ILS, LLZ, DME instruments are fitted. This has opened up the Faroe Islands to a whole range of new, conventional aircrafttypes.   

The new Vagar Airport terminal was inaugurated in June 2014.

Vagar Airport works together will all airlines and other parties interested in promoting traffic to and from the Faroe Islands.

Vagar Airport has a good network and close relations to the Faroese incoming and outgoing leisure and business interests’.

Furthermore Vagar Airport works closely together with Visit Faroe Islands in order to promote the Faroe Islands and the West Nordic region as a tourist destination.