The Antonov-2 aircraft, which visited Vagar Airport last September, has been wrecked i Narsarssuaq in Greenland

On Sunday the 4th of February, the staff of Narsarssuaq Airport were quite surprised to see that an aircraft, which had been parked at the Airport for some time, had sustained quite significant damage. There had been quite severe winds during the night and most probably the wind managed to lift and move the aircraft off the ground. The aircraft has been damaged to such a degree, that it will probably not fly again.

The aircraft, which is of the prototype Antonov-2 and built in 1977, visited Vagar Airport from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2006. It proceeded on its itinerary to Reykjavik Airport in Iceland and on to Kulusuk in eastern Greenland and subsequently to Narsarssuaq in southern Greenland, where the intention was to fly on to Canada. The aircraft, has for unknown reasons, stood in Narsarssuaq Airport since last September 2006, where it now most likely has been wrecked.

The aircraft had recently been renovated and seemed to be in good condition, when it visited Vagar Airport last September.

Photographs of the wreckage at Narsarssuaq.

See photographs of the aircraft at Vagar Airport last September.