Vagar Airport reduces passenger-fees

Vagar Airport reduces passenger-fees

After a period of construction and development, Vagar Airport on the Faroe Islands today announced that they will reduce the passenger-fees by 11% from 185DKK (24€) to 165DKK (22€).

A period of development and growth

In 2011, the runway at Vagar Airport was extended from 1250 meters to 1799 meters. Since 2011, passenger-figures have risen from 203.000 to over 250.000. This is a growth of some 20%.

In June 2014, a new terminal was inaugurated. The new terminal has a big tax- and duty-free area and as the Faroe Islands is not part of the European Union, but a member of Schengen, duty-free sales is an important income and revenue base for Vagar Airport.

Lower fees and more investments

The investments have strengthen the income base of Vagar Airport, an income base that now have resulted in lower fees for all passengers.

Furthermore the economy of the airport opens up for a new range of investments as the airport looks to improve parking facilities and looks to further improve the record high regularity. Year 2014, saw the best regularity the airport has ever seen as regularity was 99, 3, up from 96, 6 in 2008.

More routes to the Faroe Islands

Atlantic Airways, who are operating three A319´s have announced that they will extend their route net for 2015. They already have whole year operations to and from Copenhagen, Billund, Reykjavik and Bergen. Furthermore they have announced seasonal routes to Barcelona and Mallorca. Furthermore they have announced that they will have a twice weekly frequency to Edinburgh. On the other hand the routes to London and Milano have been cancelled for 2015.