Extending the runway


The task of lengthening the runway at Vagar Airport was presented for tender before Christmas 2009, and today the licitation was held. Five pre-qualified entrepreneurial groups were given the opportunity to tender for the project, and the result is as follows:

Employer                             1799 metre runway            1600 metre runway

AF Group Norge AS                   No tender                            No tender

Icelandic Aðalverktakarar hf       DKK 164,580,060              DKK 127,939,278

E. Phil & Søn Faroes                 DKK 158,673,723              DKK 129,468,200

MT Højgaard Faroes p/f / P/F    DKK  155,876,266              DKK 136,046,761
ArtiCon Joint Venture

J&K Petersen Contractors p/f     DKK 131,759,180              DKK 117,330,769

In addition, comes expenditure for preliminary surveys, other lesser tasks, technical equipment, expropriation of land, consultancy, administration, etc.

Project estimations were:

208 million D.kr for a 1799 metre runway.
158 million D.kr for a 1600 metre runway.

Vagar Airport will over the coming period, together with consultants, inspect and re-examine the tenders, in order to initiate negotiations regarding a project contract. According to plan, work will commence immediately a contract has been finalised.

Tenders present a basis for re-examining the overall cost evaluation of extending the runway, which in October of 2009 was D.kr 286 million for a 1799 metre runway and D.kr 223 million for a 1600 metre runway.