1,2% increase in passenger numbers through Vagar Airport for 2008

221.942 passengers travelled through Vagar Airport in 2008

For 2008, a total of 221.942 passengers came through Vagar Airport. This is 1,2% more than the year before, when the corresponding figure was 219.329.
For the first quarter of 2008 the growth in passenger numbers was 18,4%. This increase thereafter retracted over the coming months until it stood at 1,2%, at the end of the year.

For 2008, a total of 5.398 aircraft came through the airport. This is 3,5% less than the previous year.

In December 2008, passenger numbers decreased by 5,9%, from 14.418 to 13.574. Flight departures and arrivals decreased by 29,2% in December, from 435 to 308.

The total amount of airfreight for 2008, was 814,7 tons - a decrease of 10,2%. Of this, airmail represented 375 tons - a decrease of 8,6% compared to the previous year.